Former QVC host, Cathy Pedrayes, who has +2.4 million followers on TikTok as "The Mom Friend", hired Erica to help create her new logo design. You may have seen her safety and cybersecurity tips/tricks videos where she wears her signature blue dress with a white pearl necklace!
The intent for this new logo design was for future, unknown products that she might create or partner with. Since her business can expand in a variety of ways, it was important to arrive at a design that could accommodate many potential avenues of business. At the time of hire, she was also just launching her first book, so the new logo design needed to make sure it could fit in with the brand she's already been portraying.
Throughout the design process, she resonated with sharp, fresh, clean, and versatile wordmark designs that could be used with/without a tagline. We explored using outlines of her dress, but the brand felt too "fashion", so we moved away from those concepts.
The final blue color was chosen for 2 reasons: 1) The color of her signature blue dress in TikTok videos, and 2) a deep blue promotes a sense of trust and security (both of which she needs her users to feel since she provides safety/cybersecurity tips). 
You can visit her website here: Cathy Pedrayes
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