With the rising epidemic of mental health challenges in sports, there is a need to provide holistic support and solutions for high-performance organizations.
Prospera Consulting Group cultivates long-term relationships with sports organizations to proactively facilitate thriving among athletes, coaches, and staff. They bring holistic wellness into high-performance culture in order to promote organizational sustainability, elevate sport experiences, and increase sport performances. In short, they help organizations put people at the center of performance!
Last year, Kelsie Saxe (PhD, MS), Lauren Beasley (PhD, MS, LMSW), and Emily Johnson (PhD, MPH, MS, CHES) reached out to E Graphics requesting a new calm, trustworthy, and approachable brand identity. Prospera means "flourish" in Latin, and this was a central theme they wanted to portray.
During the design process, multiple concepts were reviewed, but they gravitated towards the intertwining flower icon The final logo features a harmonious blend of blues, greens, and a deep purple symbolizing trust, growth, reliability, calmness, and prosperity. The seamless integration of typography, shapes, and lines within the logo conveys the idea of collaboration, synergy, and unity, emphasizing the company's ability to deliver holistic solutions.
Fun fact: Erica and Kelsie swam collegiately together for the University of Idaho!
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