Jenny requested an approachable, modern, organic, and flat logo design using the concept of a fingerprint. During the design process, we ended up exploring a simple silhouette of a fingerprint in the shape of a bowl. 
Once we developed her primary logo, she needed a smaller monogram, stamp-like logo for underneath her ceramics. Many concepts were developed and her favorite is seen on the plate image below! The design needed to be very simple, because the stamp might be cut out of metal and pressed into her ceramics.
The new primary logo captures her fingerprint request, a bowl, a feeling of uniqueness, as well as organic, handcrafted ceramics.
Jenny Kramer Ceramics' minimalist, bold, luxurious logo design on black showcasing a thumbprint as a bowl
Jenny Kramer Ceramics monogram stamp design seen pressed into the bottom of pot showcasing a thumbprint in shape of a pot
Jenny Kramer Ceramics logo design envisioning on product tags
Jenny Kramer Ceramics logo design envisioned painted on bottom of a ceramic plate
Luxurious, modern and bold logo design for Jenny Kramer Ceramics on white
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